Closures and Frontals 

Vicious Tresses silk base closure are necessary for an undetecable weave. Each closure is durable and can be style to fit your needs. The closures can be washed, sewed in, glued in and dyed for your personal preference


HAIR COLOR DISCLAIMER- Silk base closure only comes in a natural hair color 1b (Blackish, Brown) which means the closure may need to be dyed and/or cut, and styled to meet your personal preference. 

 13 X 4 Remy Silk
Base Closure  
 13 X 4 Deep Wave
Lace Frontal  
 13 X 4 Black/Blond
Lace Frontal  
13 X 4 Body Wave
Lace Closure 
 13 X 4 Body Wave
Lace Frontal  
 13 X 4 360 Lace Frontal 

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